Rapper Gutta100 Biography

Rapper Gutta100 age is 40 years old. Gutta100 was born on March 11, 1983.

The rapper has already released seven albums from 2019-2023. He is a hustler and workaholic with multiple accolades throughout his career. 

Gutta joined Youtube in 2013, and the rapper has already amassed over 12 million views. Similarly, he has around 76.1k monthly listeners on Spotify. The rapper does not only flex about their wealth but also has the lyrical ability to go toe to toe with other rappers. 

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The singer has continuously worked on his rapping skills. His change in cadence and rap flow can be observed in the songs like Beef Forreal, Cash Cow, and Out of Bond. However, the artist often preaches about violence, but his ingenuity in playing with lyrics cannot be denied. 

Furthermore, the artist is quite fluent in his skill; he often freestyles to the beat. The rapper’s race is White, but he seems to be popular among both races through his rapping skills.

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Gutta100 Age: How Old Is Gutta100?

Gutta100 is 40 years old. According to Famous Birthdays, Gutta100 was born on March 11, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Gutta resides in Florida and makes music from there. 

The Florida-based rapper has around 153k followers. He started recording music in 2017 when he released his first mix tape. He gradually gained support from the fans after the release of his music videos. 

Furthermore, the artist is also featured in popular platforms for artists like WorldStarHiphop. Nonetheless, the singer began releasing his music on his Youtube channel and released digital copies of his songs on Soundcloud and Spotify. 

Fans consider the rapper underrated due to his musical knowledge and rapping ability. Additionally, it is likely that due to his media personality, the world of hip-hop is not taking the artist seriously. 

Gutta100 Real Name

Gutta100 real name is Carl Lily. The rapper has not disclosed his name in the media, but his name seems to be completely opposite from his gangster persona.

The Florida rapper has done quite well for himself. The artist has recently released his mixtape Back In Motion which consists of twelve tracks that include Nascar, Out The Roof, Rental Truck, and Time Zone. Gutta has0 collaborated with multiple underground rappers in his mixtape.

The artist’s best performing song is “We Paid,” which was released with its remix and is being streamed for more than three million views on Youtube.

Moving on, the fans of hip-hop describe him as a look like Mac Miller. Gutta has a similar build; he is a diligent rapper with good flow and technical skills to reach the top. 

Gotta100 Net Worth

Gotta100 net worth is around $100 thousand dollars. The artist makes most of his album releases and streaming. The rapper also released his mix tape in 2023. 

After releasing seven albums, he seems to have split 70-30% of his rights with streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud, which might earn him around $15-20k. Similarly, the artist has a Youtube channel with over 12 million views and 91k subscribers. 

Gutta100 Earnings, And Record Deal

According to a monetized policy of Youtube, the rapper is likely to earn more than $20k monthly from his views and streams. Furthermore, his other passive income, such as collaboration, royalty, Instagram branding, and performances, shall net him around hundred grand a year. 

However, the artist also has similar expenses for paying the producers, shooting expensive videos, and lobbying for their music; thus, it is likely they do not have much savings even after their earnings. 

Furthermore, Gotta is an independent artist, he does not seem to be with any label at present, thus it is likely that he does not have to share his wealth and stream revenue to record label. 

Where Is Gutta100 From?

Gutta100 is from New Orleans, Louisiana, but the artist lives in Miami, Florida. The rapper began by releasing his single “Levitate” in 2017 from Soundcloud.

The artist’s best tracks include Cash Cow, Gelato, No Hook, Hockey, 2018, Real Talk, Baby Leg, and We Paid. The rapper is a smart entrepreneur who has not signed with a label. Rather, his independent move has helped him garner stable wealth throughout his career. 

The artist often collaborates with rapper JayDaYoungan, a Squad Up member. The rapper does not have the technical skills to become more popular, but his songs seem to be generic rather than real issues of his country and community.

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