Pay Surat Municipal Corporation Property Tax, Water Bill, House Tax Bill Online

Surat Municipal Corporation Property Tax
Surat Municipal Corporation Property Tax

The Municipal Corporation of Surat collects the tax on all urban cities of Surat. Surat Property tax, House tax varies based on type, usage and area of the property. However, water tax/bill can pay every month at Surat Municipal Corporation(SMC) tax can pay through online and offline modes. Sometimes you can get exemptions and rebates on property tax.

The article aims to give you all information about Surat Municipal Corporation, Its taxes such as properties, shop, land, house and water. If you want to learn online payment procedure, then read this post.

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Surat Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Surat property tax levied on all lands and properties as a direct tax to the state government helps maintain the city’s civic activities.SMC or Surat Municipal Corporation collects the property tax on all urban areas. For the collection of taxes, the city is divided into 8 zones. The amount of SMC property tax paid by taxpayers varies according to the type, size and usage of the property in a different area.

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Surat Municipal Corporation Property Tax is a major source of revenue for the corporation. The tax can pay annually by visiting the official website or nearest office. Citizens can calculate their property tax before payment. The URL of the SMC property tax calculator has been shared on this page.

Surat Water Tax Online Payment Procedure

  • To pay the SMC water bill, visit or use the direct link.
  • The direct link will redirect to the official page.
  • Now enter your ward no along with water connection no.
  • Fill captcha code and click on the “Get Bill Details” button.
  • Now Surat Wat Bill online payment option will visible on your screen.

How to pay property tax online in Surat?

  • Go to the official website of Surat Municipal Corporation.
  • Click on the Online Sevice option.
  • Now enter your tenement no, select your zone.
  • Fill the same word in the captcha box.
  • Now click on the “Get pending Tax amount.
  • Afterwards, you will see the SMC property tax payment option.
  • After checking the due tax amount, Click on the Pay tab to make the payment online through Credit/debit card, net banking.
  • After payment, you should generate a payment receipt that can be used for future reference.

SMC Property Tax Penalty, Exemption

If any householder or property owner evade the property tax, a penalty of the same amount will be levied. In case of late payment, interest will be added to the property according to the act.

Surat Municipal Corporation is giving exemption to all building and land used for religious purpose.


How can I pay my Surat property tax online?

The SMC property tax can pay online by visiting the official website.

What is the official website Surat Mahanagar Palika? is the official portal of SMC.

Can I check payment status online on

Yes, After payment, all taxes payment status can check online. If you want to download the receipt, then this option will also be visible after payment.

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