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Kurnool Municipal Corporation Property Tax, Water Bill, House Tax Online Payment Guide

Kurnool Municipal Corporation Property Tax
Kurnool Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Property tax is a prime source of revenue for the Kurnool Municipal Council. Kurnool property tax, house tax is to be paid annually by the property owners to the Kurnool Municipal Corporation. However, water tax to be paid monthly. The Revenue Department of the corporate body is responsible for property taxation.

The system of taxation has been made mandatory by the Government for anybody who owns property in Kurnool. This article looks at the Kurnool property tax, water tax, and house tax payment procedure. The collected money from property tax is used for facilities such as education, library construction, sewer improvements, road constructions, repairing roads, fire service, and other services that highly benefit the citizens of Kurnool.

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Kurnool Property Tax

Kurnool is one of the major cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Kurnool remained the capital of the nation of Andhra nation until 01 November 1956. Thousand of the householder are living in this city. Therefore they have to pay property tax, house tax, water bill from time to time. The taxes can pay online at the official website of the municipal. Taxes would be payable according to the fixed rates given by the Kurnool Municipal Corporation.

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Kurnool property tax can pay at the official portal, i.e. By visiting the website, citizens of the Kurnool district pay their property tax, house tax and water bill. The corporate gives some time rebate on taxes; The rebates shall be admissible in annual value and payable taxes.

Kurnool Tax Calculation

Government of Kurnool. Property taxes are computed from a percentage of the assessed value of the property. Property taxes are calculated using the amount and location of the property or land. Everyone should pay their property tax on time. Otherwise, the municipality will add some penalty on the property tax.

The tax assessors will value the property or land and charge an appropriate rate from the property owners using the standards set by the Corporation. Kurnool Municipal Corporation allows its users to calculate property tax online by entering the owner name, locality, type, area, total plinth, age, and usage.

How To Pay Kurnool Municipal Tax

  • If you want to pay your property tax Or house tax, then first visit the official portal.
  • The direct link to the website is – Kurnool Property Tax
  • Now enter your assessment number, Old assessment number, Owner name, door number and click on the search button.
  • Now calculate your property tax and pay.
  • After payment, download your payment receipt for future reference.
  • The water tax of Kurnool Municipal Corporation is payable at this link- Water Tax Online

Kurnool Municipal Corporation FAQs

What is the official website to pay Kurnool Property tax, Water Bill, House tax?

There are two official portals to pay the taxes; the first is, and the second is

Can I pay Kurnool Municipal tax online?

Yes, Citizens of Kurnool corporation can pay their taxes both online and offline.

How to download payment receipt and check status?

After the online payment users can download their property tax’s receipt and check status.

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