Drive Hard Netflix Stunt Star Sammy Maloof Daughters and Family

Sammy Maloof daughters are Hannah Maloof, Meghan Maloof and Kaitlyn Maloof. All three Maloof siblings are stunt drivers.

Sammy stars in the Netflix series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way. The stuntman is joined by his twin daughters, Katilyn and Meghan in the reality series that hit the screens on August 26, 2022.

The Californian owned a 1968 Z28 Camaro and street raced for many years. During his time as a street racer, he never lost a single match.

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Maloof belongs to famous professional car racers such as Jeff Lutz, Sebastian Melrose, and Chase Briscoe. 

In 1984, Maloof established his own business, Maloof Racing Engines. He gave up street racing and began to focus on his car business. He specializes in building high-horse-powered racing engines.

The stunt driver’s work has attracted a lot of attention from the mainstream media and has been featured in many popular magazines and TV shows.

Maloof has worked as a professional stuntman in big Hollywood movies including Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, The Hitcher, Three Kings, and Burn Notice.

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Sammy Maloof Is The Father Of Three Talented Daughters

Sammy Maloof daughters Hannah Maloof, Meghan Maloof, and Kaitlyn Maloof carry on the family car business in California. 

Hannah is the firstborn of the Hollywood stuntman, Sammy. Meghan and Kaitlyn are twins.

Sammy Maloof kids have inherited their dad’s genes and followed in the footsteps of their beloved dad. Sammy is a proud father and a mentor of his three super-talented, machine-loving children.

Hannah Maloof

Sammy Maloof daughter Hannah Maloof is the lead mechanic at Maloof Racing Engine. Hannah is also an aspiring drag racer.

Like father like daughter, Hannah is a car enthusiast and a gearhead through and through. Sammy imparts his knowledge to his oldest offspring and offers mentorship on diagnosing an engine.

The drag racer has sharp ears for engine problems, just like her dad, and quickly picks up on any kind of car issues. She works closely with her younger brother, Trevor, and cousin Josh, for inspections and repairs. 

The sportsperson lives and breathes cars. The sportsperson was featured in the Netflix reality series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way, which has launched her as a TV star.

Maloof has already worked on several music videos as a stunt rigger including Doritos Stuntdouble in 2014, Nacho Hero in 2015, and Kacy Hill Feat. Francis and the Lights: I Believe in You in 2020.

Hannah shares glimpses of her skills as a professional engine builder on her social media profile. She is active on Instagram under @hotrodhannah777 with a massive fan following of 82.4K. 

Kaitlyn Maloof

Sammy Maloof daughter Kaitlyn Maloof is an up-and-coming professional stunt driver.

Kaitlyn is available 24/7 to help her dad with coordination and setting up the stunt. An aspiring stunt driver, she is learning the trade from the best in the business, Sammy Maloof.

The stunt racer describes herself as somehow less cautious than her twin sister, Meghan. She has a dominant ‘go for it’ approach regarding her stunts and aims to pull off more challenging stunts.

The Maloof twins have worked together as stunt riggers in Doritos Stuntdouble in 2014, and Nacho Hero in 2015. They were also credited as the stunt drivers for Pete Yorn: Never Go in 2022. 

Kaitlyn has gained a separate fanbase on social media. The TV star is available on Instagram under @kaitlynmaloof with 32.6K followers.

Meghan Maloof

Sammy Maloof daughter Meghan Maloof is also a rising stunt driver.

Meghan is the younger sister of Hannah and the twin sister of Kaitlyn. Just like her sister, Meghan is passionate about cars. 

The Californian is not as headstrong as her twin in person but in terms of stunt driving, she is on par with her sister. Unlike, Kaitlyn who has a ‘let’s do and see how it goes’ attitude, Meghan takes a more measured approach.

A lot of things can go south while performing a stunt. When something goes wrong, she picks up and dusts herself up, and goes back to get the job done right.

The young Californian has worked together with her twin siblings in most of the projects on TV. However, she has done a couple of solo works including as nd driver in Tattooed Love in 2015 and as a precision driver in Day Shift in 2022.

Meghan flaunts both her hardcore stunt performer and glamorous sides on her social media. No wonder, the star has gained a massive fan following on her social media platforms. 

You can find Meghan on Instagram under @meghanmaloof with 64K followers. 

Sammy Maloof Has An Adopted Son

Sammy Maloof family includes his wife Jennifer Maloof and adopted son Trevor Maloof, other than his daughters.

Jennifer Maloof

Sammy Maloof wife Jennifer Maloof is a proud mother of four kids. Jennifer handles the business side of Maloof Racing Engine.

Jennifer is the backbone of the Maloof family. She has dedicated her time and effort to ensure the right upbringing for her children. She supports the profession of her husband and children wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, Jennifer also oversees the day-to-day financial performance of her life partner’s company, Maloof Racing Engine. However, it is clear that Mrs. Maloof herself is not involved in racing and the technical part of the family’s car business.

Son Trevor Maloof

Sammy Maloof son Trevor Catanese Maloof is a lead mechanic at Maloof Racing Engine based in San Gabriel, California.

Trevor was adopted by Sammy and his partner. However, the exact date has not been disclosed in the media. Trevor also has a love for fast cars and racing engines. 

The young man lends a helping hand as an engine maker to carry on the family business of making racing cars. He is assisted by Joshua, the nephew of Sammy. 

Trevor was featured in the 2022 Netflix reality series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way alongside the other Maloof family members.

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