Alex Smalley Caddie Don Donatello Net Worth 2023

Alex Smalley caddie Don Donatello started working with him in 2021. Don is a PGA Tour veteran with over 30 years of experience.

The Clearwater, Florida, native has been caddying for Alex since 2021. He has been by his side throughout the multiple tournaments, giving Alex the knowledge and skills he gained from his experience.

Besides, Don’s most recent Instagram post highlights the celebration after Smalley became the latest to make a hole-in-one at the famed island green. He proudly relished the moment he will never forget at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass.

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After making his shot and completing the hole, the golfer, Smalley, gestured as though he was going to throw his ball into the water hazard. 

While talking to Golf Week, Smalley stated that his caddy suggested that pretending to throw the ball into the water would be amusing. As a result, Smalley followed the advice and pretended to toss the ball, although he didn’t throw it. 

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Alex Smalley Caddy In 2023

Alex has been working with his caddy Don since 2021. He credits Donatello for hitting a hole-in-one on TPC Sawgrass’ famous 17th hole in March 2023.

Per Golf Week, Donatello suggested that Smalley pretend to throw the ball into the water after retrieving it from the hole, which Smalley did, drawing a smile from him.

Smalley was confident as he took on the Deere Run course with the guidance of Donatello, who has been a professional caddy for 23 seasons and has extensive knowledge of the Silvis course. 

He had played in similar tournaments before, so he knew what to expect and felt that the day was primarily stress-free. Smalley was pleased with his performance, hitting many good shots and having many good looks at the holes.

The veteran caddy was contacted by Smalley’s agent and arrived in the Quad Cities early in the morning to join Smalley for a practice round. 

He was not surprised by Smalley’s impressive performance, as he had noticed Smalley’s talent and demeanor from the beginning.

Donatello, who has worked with successful players like Chris DiMarco, Will Gordon, and Adam Schenk, believes that Smalley has what it takes to belong on the TOUR.

Smalley credited Donatello’s course knowledge for his success at TPC Deere Run in 2021. He mentioned that there were instances where it was difficult to sense the wind’s direction through the trees, and Donatello’s guidance helped him to trust it. 

Additionally, Donatello had notes from previous years, which provided Smalley with valuable insights and experience on the bag. Smalley appreciated having such a seasoned caddy as his partner.

Don Donatello Salary Breakdown

Donatello has an annual salary of $100 thousand. He has been a PGA Tour caddy since 1998. 

The job of a attendant in professional golf comes with a base salary and a percentage of the golfer’s winnings. According to Golf Week, they earn 5 to 10 percent of a golfer’s winnings apart from their base pay. 

Forbes reports that the base salary for a caddy during golf tournaments ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per week. 

However, some attender can earn more than that, as in the case of Steve Williams, who was Nike Sponsored Tiger Woods’ former porter and reportedly made over $1 million. Caddies also have the opportunity to earn money through partnerships, sponsorships, and branding deals.

Donatello is an exemplar who earns money through these means. He promotes sports gear, belts, and other products on his Instagram page, likely making him additional income. 

These partnerships and endorsements are an essential part of a attender’s overall earnings, and they can help supplement their income during the off-season or when they are not working with a specific golfer.

Aside from the PGA Tour, Don is interested in the stock market. He expressed it while talking to the Caddie Network. 

In the stock market, publicly traded companies’ stocks or shares are bought and sold. The stock market allows investors to buy and sell stocks representing ownership in a company and potentially profit from the company’s growth and success.

Earnings can come in various forms, such as dividends, capital gains, or interest payments. 

Moreover, Don had a background in baseball until he was 18 when he decided to switch to golf. Despite being relatively new to the sport, he earned a scholarship after two years of playing golf.

Additionally, he expressed interest in becoming a PGA tour rep, which would allow him to work with some of the best players in the world and spend more time at home.

Don Donatello Net Worth

Don Donatello has a net worth of $200 thousand. Donatello has been in the caddy business for three decades.

During his 34-year career as a PGA Tour assistant since 1998, Donatello has likely accumulated a substantial fortune, establishing himself as a notable figure in the golfing world.

Similarly, Mayfair hired Donatello, a PGA Tour veteran caddy and Big Break alum, as their new teaching professional in 2020.

Don fetched over 30 years of tour experience to his new role and has worked with many tour veterans, such as KJ Choi, Web Simpson, and Chris DiMarco. 

He also worked for Tommy Gainey and helped him shoot 29 on the back nine on Saturday and Sunday at Disney to shoot 25 under and lose by one to Davis Love III. 

In another event, JJ Henry shot 60 in the first round of the Las Vegas Tournament while Don worked as his attender. Don has also succeeded in his career, qualifying for his first Web.com Tour event at the Miccosukee Championship in Miami.

He was invited to participate in several seasons of the reality show “Big Break,” including Big Break 2 in Las Vegas and Big Break 4 in Scotland, where he received a special invite. 

As per thecaddienwetwork.com, he won a car and $5,000 cash at Big Break 7 Reunion and was also given a special invite to the Big Break Invitational at Reynolds Plantation.

Don also won the “Golf With Style” show in Melbourne, Australia, and served as a Life Line on a Golf Show called “Million Dollar Shootout,” where John O’Hurly was the host. Other lifelines were Fred Funk, Christie Kerr, Carin Koch, and Mark Calcavecchia. 

These experiences have undoubtedly helped Don become a well-rounded golf professional with a deep understanding of the sport and the industry.

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