Alabama Coach Nate Oats Family Life with three Daughters

Nate Oats family includes his wife Crystal Oats and three wonderful daughters. Nate is a basketball coach for the University of Alabama.

Their blissful union gave birth to three kids, all daughters. The eldest of the trio, Lexie, was born in 2004, followed by the other two, Jocie and Brielle. 

Oats’ Instagram feed is inundated with delightful pictures, capturing the cherished moments he has savored with them over the years. 

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In November 2015, Oats took to his Facebook page to disclose that his significant other, Crystal, had been diagnosed with cancer. Despite the gravity of the situation, his partner encouraged him to carry on with his coaching responsibilities.

The 48-year-old Wisconsin native is a head coach at Alabama Crimson Tide in NCAA leagues. Besides, Nate also played college basketball for Maranatha Baptist in the 90s before starting his coaching career.

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Nate Oats Wife

Nate have been married to his wife Crystal Oats for 25 years. The pair walked down the aisle during Christmas on 21 December 1997. 

He posted a cute picture of the two standing in front of a tall Christmas tree inside their home in December 2019 as they commemorated their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Their marriage was an exceptional occasion during the holiday season while loved ones gathered together to celebrate Christmas. 

The couple exchanged vows in the presence of their families, relatives, and friends, making for a truly memorable event.

Thus far, it has been twenty-five years since Nate and Crystal bound in holy matrimony, celebrating the silver jubilee of their wedding anniversary in 2022.

Furthermore, the pair holds Valentine’s Day in high esteem as they bask in the splendor and luxury of their love. Nate shared some pictures from their Valentine’s celebration in February 2019.

Crystal Oats Is Maranatha Baptist University Alum

Crystal studied at Maranatha Baptist University, where she met Nate for the first time. She graduated from college in 1997. 

She hailed from the bustling city of Jackson, Mississippi. After marrying her husband Nate, the two settled in Watertown, Wisconsin, where they raised three children. 

Besides, Crystal has posted numerous pictures of her three little princesses on her social media. She often attends Nate’s basketball game with Lexie, Jocie, and Brielle to cheer and root for him during the match. 

Crystal is a huge plant enthusiast, so Nate surprised her by planning a trip to Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, on their 20th anniversary in December 2018.

Unfortunately, a series of dark clouds loomed above Oats’s home as Crystal was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in October 2015. 

The announcement arrived a few weeks before Nate’s scheduled debut as the freshly minted head coach of Buffalo Bulls.

Upon announcing Crystal’s diagnosis, Nate swiftly contemplated the possibility of leaving his coaching duties for a while, but she strongly opposed his decision and urged him to continue.

After seven years of a lengthy battle with the disease, Crystal eventually beat cancer. She is now wholly dedicated to championing awareness programs and charities to aid cancer survivors.

Nate Oats Children

Nate Oats is a father to three children, Lexie, Joice and Brielle Oats. Lexie is the oldest of the brood, while Brielle is the last born. 

In September 2020, Oats shared a picture of his three daughters and his spouse Crystal who visited him during the Crimson Tide game on National Daughters Day. 

Moreover, the trio has become familiar faces within the Buffalo squad, frequently accompanying their parents on team trips. In contrast, Nate has endeavored to be home as much as possible to spend time with them.

Nate also enjoys taking his kids to visit different places, including amusement parks, scenic locations, and other notable landmarks, exposing them to diverse experiences.

In November of 2016, he embarked on a journey to Alaska with Crystal and their three young ones to revel in the frigid, wintry landscapes of the region, with breathtaking panoramas of snow-crowned mountains.

Later that year, in the spirit of Christmas, Nate took the trio to Disneyland, intent on savoring all the enthralling experiences the park had to offer.

Lexie Oats

Lexie Oats is currently pursuing her studies at the esteemed University of Alabama. 

Born on March 20, 2004, Lexie celebrated her 19th birthday in March 2023. Nate never forgets to wish her big daughter on her birthday and regularly takes to Instagram to pay tribute to his firstborn on her special day, showering her with warm wishes and heartfelt messages.

More recently, in March 2022, he dropped some photographs with her, including the old and the new ones, to mark her 18th birthday. 

Besides, Lexie is a member of the college’s Sorority & Fraternity community called Zeta Tau Alpha, alongside the Student Government Association (SGA). She is also involved in sports and plays volleyball at the university. 

Additionally, Lexie has an active social media presence, uploading her pictures regularly on the platforms. Her Instagram @lexie.oats has 8.5K followers, while she has 1.1K followers on her Twitter account. 

Joice Oats 

Joice was born Jocelyn Oats as the second child of Nate and Crystal in March 2009. The pair welcomed her five years after the birth of Lexie.

The 13-year-old prodigy has passionately pursued her love for athletic endeavors, excelling in volleyball and soccer for the American Christian Academy.

“We’ve got another teenager in the house.”, Nate captioned the post on her 13th birthday in March 2022.

Besides, Joice has her Instagram account, sharing several pictures of her life adventures and athletic pursuits. In May 2022, she posted numerous images from her first ACA soccer season. 

Brielle Oats

Brielle Justine is the youngest of the Oats clan born on May 30, 2012. The Crimson Tide head coach dropped a picture of newly born Brielle with her two sisters, Lexie and Joice, on Instagram. 

Furthermore, Nate shared a picture of the three cute little sisters having fun on a boat ride in Buffalo, New York, on the momentous occasion of National Sister Day in August 2018.

Nate Oats Familial Background

Nate grew up in a Christian familial background. His father Larry Oats was a prominent member of the Maranatha ministry.

He was born to Larry and Collen O’Neil Oats in Watertown, Wisconsin, on October 13, 1974. His parents, who met while studying at Maranatha Baptist, tied the knot in 1969. The couple celebrated their fiftieth golden jubilee anniversary in 2019.

Soon after they were wed, their homestead expeditiously became a haven for a large family of two daughters and two sons.

His dad, a Ph.D. in Theology, is currently a professor at the Maranatha Baptist Seminary. Larry has been in the teaching line his entire life, from when he was pursuing his master’s degree.

Over his years as a faculty member, Larry has occupied diverse roles, including admissions worker, Academy principal, Director of various departments, and Dean of Students, among others, all while continuing to serve as a Bible Professor.

Moreover, Mr. Oats has been deeply involved in the Maranatha ministry since he joined the group in 1972.

On the other hand, Nate’s mom Collen is from a town in Minnesota. She has a Facebook account where she shares several pictures from when she started dating Larry. 

Likewise, Nate’s older brother Andy Oats is a high school math teacher who teaches Calculus, Statistics, Matrices, and Geometry. 

Andy offered his assistance to parents struggling to understand or find resources for the homeschooling or remote learning assignments given to their children during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Furthermore, Andy has been married to his wife for 21 years and has two kids.

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