10 Country Singers From Louisiana

10 Country singers from Louisiana are 1. Sammy Kershaw 2. Tim McGraw 3. Hank Willaims jr and seven more. This Country singers list include both legends, current singers, and the new hope of the Southern state. 

Country music originated from English ballads and Irish fiddle songs; the music also includes influences from European immigrants.

The songs like Take Me Home by John Denver, Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley are some of the popular country songs in the present era as well. 

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The top country singers like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, and Dustin Lynch keep the music genre alive. These new up-and-coming singers are needed for the survivability and popularity of music. 

In this article, we discuss top 10 country singers from Louisiana.

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1. Sammy Kershaw

Sammy Kershaw is a country singer from South Louisiana. The artist has released 17 studio albums and 47 singles. The artists had 25 singles listed in Billboard top 100.

The Top hits of the country artist, according to Spotify streams and critical appraisal, include the following;

  • She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful
  • Queen of My Double Wide Trailer
  • Love of My Life
  • Third Rate romance
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce

The artist uses a distinct style with a blend of a Southern accent. He uses vibrant country lyrics, simple music, and lyrical composition which gravitate the people living a similar lifestyle. 

Kershaw’s top albums include Don’t Go Near The Water, Haunted Hert, Honky Tonk Boots, Better Than I Used To Be, Feelin’ Good Train, and A Sammy Klaus Christmas.

Name Sammy Paul Kershaw
Age 65 years old (February 24, 1958)
Birthplace Kaplan, Louisiana

2. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is another Louisiana country singer known for his songs like Don’t Take The Girl; It’s Your Love, I Like it, I Love It. 

McGraw is the top country singer whose ten albums have reached number one on Top Country Albums charts. He has achieved multiple nominations and won three Grammy Awards for his songs. He is married to fellow country singer Faith Hill. 

The awards and Accolades of the country singer include the following;

  • He won three Grammy awards for his album and best duo performance with his wife. 
  • Fourteen Academy of Country Music Awards.
  • Eleven Country Music Association (CMA) award
  • Ten American Music Awards.
  • Three People’s Choice Awards, including multiple nominations for different awards. 

The best album of the artist includes Let It Go, Everywhere, Not a Moment Too Soon, A Place in the Sun, Emotional Traffic, and Southern Voice. The singer also plays the character of James Dutton in the series 1883.

Name Tim McGraw
Age 55 years old (May 1, 1996)
Birthplace Start, Louisiana U.S

3. Hank Willaims jr

Hank Willaims Jr is a famous country singer from Louisiana. The artist is known for his other music genres like Southern Rock and Blues. 

Willaims is the son of a famous country singer; he followed in his footsteps and imitated his father, which helped him discover his own music. The artist’s best songs include Dinosaur, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, the Conversation, Family Tradition, and A Country Boy Can Survive. 

The popular awards and accolades of the country musician are as follows;

  • Entertainer of the Year for the Country Music Association for two years (87-88) and for the Academy of Country Music for three consecutive years (1987, 1988, and 1989).
  • Two Grammy awards for Best Vocal Collaboration and Best Vocal Performance, also multiple nominations for other Country awards. 
  • He won four Emmy Awards for his work in Monday Night Football.
Name Randall Hank Williams
Age 73 years old (May 26, 1949)
Birthplace Shreveport, Louisiana

4. Dyaln Scott

Dylan Scott is a Louisiana-born country singer. The artist sings a pop country genre and is fluent in multiple instruments like piano and guitar. 

The artist’s best songs include My Girl, New Truck, Lay Down With You, Nobody, and Don’t Close Your Eyes. The artist has already released three albums that, include “Livin’ My Best Life,” “Dylan Scott,” and “Merry Christmas.”

The artist also released three EPs, which include “Nothing To Do Town,” “An Old Memory,” and “Stripped.” He brings a young generation of country music mixed with pop and rock music. The artist does remain true to the lyrics and euphemisms of country music. 

Name Dylan Scott Robinson
Age 32 years old (October 22, 1990)
Birthplace Bastrop Louisiana

5. Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson is a country singer from Louisiana. She is a popular female singer who incorporates the elements of pop and southern rock in her music. 

Wilson is a diligent artist who has achieved significant growth and success in the industry. The artist’s best songs include Heart Like A Truck, Things A Man Oughta Know, Watermelon Moonshire, and Dirty Looks. The songs are quite popular on Spotify and Youtube. 

The artist’s awards and accolades in country music are as follows; 

  • Two award wins in the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2021 (One for best new female country artist).
  •  Two award wins for Country Music Association awards and nominated for four other categories for the same award.

The singer has already released albums, three albums that, include Bell Bottom Country, Sayin What I’m Thinkin’, and Tougher. Also she has released two EPs which include Redneck Hollywood and Lainey Wilson.

Name Lainey Denay Wilson
Age 30 years old (May 19, 1992)
Birthplace Baskin, Louisiana

6. Joanna Janet

Joanna Janet is a female country singer from Louisiana. Her song “Since I’ve Seen You Last” reached 55th on Billboard Hot Country Tracks. 

The musician’s single catapulted her to stardom and mainstream public attention. Janet is a new artist. She was signed to Dreamworks Nashville, but her producer shifted to Warner Records. Thus the star followed her producer to another record company.

The singer has released songs like Since I’ve Seen You Last, You and Wild Horses, Destination Love, A Little At A Time, Breakout, and Another Perfect Day. However, after the release of her few songs, the star invested her time in caring for her family and husband. 

7. Todd O’ Neill

Todd O’Neil is another famous artist from Louisiana.  The artist’s song “Love Again” reached number 37 on Billboard Country Airplay.

The country singer gained popularity after the release of his single. Before going solo, the artist was with the band named Big Cat Daddy. He was the lead singer of the band. However, after going solo, he released his debut album Real Life (2008), with Aria Label.

The popular songs of country musician Todd O’Neil include I Got Your Number, Hurts When I Breathe, Something With Some Attitude. and Places. The artist has released one EP and two albums, Somewhere Between Bourbon and Beale (2016) and Real life. 

However, after the closure of his record label Nash Next, the artist has become independent; he still performs live shows and releases music. 

8. Eddy Raven

Eddy Raven is a popular country singer from Louisiana. The 78-year-old singer is a legend who has achieved multiple musical honors throughout his career. 

Raven has released fourteen studio albums, five compiled albums, one live album, and fifty-two singles. The artist’s best-performing albums include Right Hant Man, Wild Eyed Crazy, 20 Favorites, Temporary Sanity, and Desperate Dreams. 

The country singer had six singles that reached the number one position on Billboard Charts; the artist’s best songs are as follows;

  • I Got Mexico
  • Island
  • Operator, Operator
  • In A Letter To You
  • Bayou Boys
Name Edward Garvin Futch
Age 78-years-old (August 19, 1944)
Birthplace Lafayette Louisiana

9. Frank Foster

Frank Foster is a country singer from Louisiana. Foster is one of the famous artists in the Southern state; his album Southern Soul debuted at the 11th position on the Billboard charts.

The country musician has released seven albums, including top performing album Red Wings and Six Strings, Southern Soul, Rhythm and Whisky, Boots on the Ground, Good Country Music, and Til I’m Gone. These albums could reign in the top 20 positions during their debut. 

Foster’s popular songs include the following:

  • Blue Collar Boys
  • What’s It to Ya
  • Good Ol’ Girl
  • Little More Nowhere
  • A Few More Miles
  • Rowdy Reputation
Name Frank Foster
Age 41-years-old (January 22, 1982)
Birthplace Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

10. Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy is a famous country singer from Louisiana. Hardy won American Idol season 17 when he was only 18 years old.

Hardy had already released his debut album, “Here’s to Anyone (2021)” before his album, the artist had released two EPs In the Bayou (2018) and On the River (2021). The singer’s famous songs are Hurricane, Flame, Here’s to anyone, and For a Girl

The charismatic singer initially captured the heart of both audience and judges. He achieved multiple accolades throughout the singing competition. The artist also performed in ABC’s The Bachelor series. The singer is with the Hollywood 19 record label.

Hardy, a promising talent for country music, faced legal trouble after being caught spying on his girlfriend’s dormitory room with a recording device. Despite the such issues, the artist is performing in the shows and releasing music as well.

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